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IDC Agent Community Edition has landed

Getting involved in SSI has never been easier. Simply deploy the IDC Agent Community Edition within any Azure tennant and get started on your SSI journey.

As part of our commitment to the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) community, we have now made available a Community Edition of our IDC Agent, available for download within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace now. IDC Agent – Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The Community Edition is a cloud-based ACA-Py compatible agent that deploys within your Microsoft Azure tenant. There this no need to worry about configuration of the underlying infrastructure, or managing any scaling requirements, this is all handled for you. As a result, developers can experiment with SSI and go on to build out powerful SSI based solutions without the need to manage or worry about any underlying infrastructure requirements, or the complexities of interacting with a blockchain based identity infrastructure.

The IDC Agent Community Edition is designed to enable developers to focus on the things that matter when building SSI based solutions, business rules, logic and integration.

An IDC Agent can be deployed and used to build out, or utilise, decentralised identity systems that use Verifiable Credentials (VC). It operates in the second and third layer of the Trust Over IP Framework using DIDComm messaging protocol. The Community Edition is 100% compatible with the Aries interop Profile 1.0 and 2.0 and supports protocols for issuing, verifying, and holding verifiable credentials using both Hyperledger Indy AnonCreds and W3C Standard Verifiable Credential formats. For those of you more technical, Credential signatures supported include LD-Signatures and BBS+ Signatures.

Our Community Edition also supports protocols for defining Verifiable Credential schemas and Credential Definitions.

Developers interact with the IDC Agent Community Edition via a JSON based RESTful API which is fully compatible with the ACA-Py Administration API. Documentation of these APIs is available via SWAGGER, which also contains examples of how to use and interact with the API. The agent also supports webhook based notifications – allowing the communication of events to be consumed by your business application.

If you want to experiment with SSI, or start building out your own SSI solutions, then the IDC Agent Community edition is the perfect cloud agent to get started with.

Access the IDC Agent from within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace here:

IDC Agent – Microsoft Azure Marketplace

You can find a simple installation guide at

IDC Agent Installation – developer portal

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