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What is DPKIps?

DPKIps is a decentralized cryptographic approach to security that brings new levels of security, trust and verification to our most critical infrastructure.

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Which infrastructure critically needs to be decentralized?

Infrastructure can often be termed as critical. But should critical infrastructure like Payment infrasturcture be decentralized? Or, is it more important to ask, What infrastructure critcally needs to be decentralized?

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Real identity, it’s not just authentication

Digital identity can be used for a lot of aspects of digital life, including authentication. Sadly however, solutions that are purely authentication – are claiming to be digital identity just because they utilise claims within a credential.

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Why decentralization for Identity

Digital identity is not simple. We have to look at the challenges to understand the right approach to solving the challenge.

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What do we mean by Portability…

Portability, means “the ability to be easily carried or moved”, so when we talk of digital identity and portability, what do we mean? Here in the UK, the Digital Identity Attributes and Trust Framework, investigates the need for digital identity portability, and I think we can all agree that is needed. But again, what do […]

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The UK Digital Identity Trust Framework

The UK Government publishes its alpha paper on Digital Identity and the Trust Framework. A good starting point, but the paper raises some concerns over the definition of digital identity, what is it, how it should be used and the mechanics.

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ID Crypt Global Becomes Newest Steward of the Sovrin Network

Sovrin: We are delighted to welcome another UK-based Steward of the Sovrin Network. Not only is ID Crypt Global led by a female entrepreneur, it is also a great example of fintech innovation leveraging self-sovereign identity for enhanced security, privacy and compliance

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Will coronavirus change the way we work? Will it propel Digital Identity?

Coronavirus has already turned our physical worlds u[side down. Will it however accelerate change in our digital worlds as a result?

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The role of Identity in the IoT

There are a few hot topics right now when you look at the 5 year horizon, two of which are often seen independently – digital identity and IoT (Internet of Things). However, when you look to the future, the success of IoT is largely coupled with the success of Digital Identities…. Identity of a device […]


GDF Sets up FATF steering committee

Global Digital Finance (GDF), is positioning itself as the industry body driving forward standards and best practices for the adoption of true digital financial based services. The GDF will look to drive greater clarity on what digital really should “mean and look like” across a wide range of what is currently termed “digital”. In a […]