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What do we mean by Portability…

Portability, means “the ability to be easily carried or moved”, so when we talk of digital identity and portability, what do we mean? Here in the UK, the Digital Identity Attributes and Trust Framework, investigates the need for digital identity portability, and I think we can all agree that is needed. But again, what do […]

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The UK Digital Identity Trust Framework

The UK Government publishes its alpha paper on Digital Identity and the Trust Framework. A good starting point, but the paper raises some concerns over the definition of digital identity, what is it, how it should be used and the mechanics.


The role of Companies House

Companies house in here in the UK has been available, in one form or another, since back in 1844. Now that’s quite sometime, and if that period of time doesn’t shock you, what may do is the fact that in 2018-2019 there were some 672,890 new company incorporations. The Companies House register is simply vast.  […]