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Our carbon negative commitment

Since being founded, we have been committed to minimising our impact on the environment. In 2023 we take this further by setting our goal to be carbon negative.

We believe that a company isn’t just about what it does, what products and services it brings to the marketplace, what solutions and problems it solves, rather it is also about “how” that company does what it does.

The scientific community has concluded that human activity has released more than 2 trillion metric tons of greenhouse gases into the Earth’s atmosphere since the start of the industrial revolution, back in the mid 1700’s. Over three-quarters of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by human activity has taken place since the 1950’s. If businesses do not start addressing the impact they have on the atmosphere, then we are all heading towards a global catastrophe.

Consensus has been reached by the world’s climate experts, that humanity must reach “net zero” emissions, meaning that we must remove as much carbon as we emit each year.

Since we were first founded, we have always striven to minimize our impact on the environment, our carbon footprint. We have championed remote working; we use nothing, but cloud-based solutions and we select our technology partners carefully. One of the key reasons for ID Crypt Global in selecting Microsoft Azure as its cloud host of services, was Microsoft’s commitment to becoming carbon negative by 2030 and by 2050 having removed all carbon that it has emitted either directly, or indirectly via electrical consumption since it was founded in 1975.

Our approach

We understand that in order to achieve our own goals of carbon negativity we need to follow a structured plan. As such, ID Crypt Global is aligned with the ISO 14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

As part of our commitment, we encourage all staff members to switch to energy providers that are focussed on delivering power via renewable energy sources. We also promote the use of solar panels within the home and are proud to say that several staff members have already had panels installed, others are planning to have them installed.

We monitor our partners and suppliers progress with their own environmental commitments. Our biggest supplier being Microsoft and their Azure Cloud. We also plan to assess all suppliers in terms of their ESG (Environmental Social Governance) ratings as of H2 2023, this includes any contractors.

In H2 2023 we also plan to look at ways in which ID Crypt Global can actively remove carbon from the atmosphere. This may take several forms ranging from staff members planting trees to investments in funds that support R&D in climate innovation.

Aiding customers around the world

ID Crypt Global aims to bring digital identity to all around the world and as such, we believe we have a role to play in helping our customers with their own environmental commitments. We aim to do this in two ways.

Firstly, by ensuring that ID Crypt Global is heading towards carbon negativity, we ensure our customers will be making positive progress. With our peer-to-peer approach to sharing data (following a self-sovereign identity model), we remove the need for large, centralised infrastructure and the electrical consumption required to support such infrastructure, therefore minimising carbon emissions of our customers. By selecting to accept ID Crypt Global issued digital identities and by using ID Crypt Global services, our customers will enjoy a positive outcome on their own environmental goals.

Secondly, in 2023 we will bring to the market the ability for all our customers to request their own ESG assessment. As a result of a completed assessment, we will introduce and issue the ID Crypt Global Sustainability Credential. This credential will bring transparency to our customers ESG practices and provide impact scores / assessment against their peers. The credential will aid them with their own implementation of environment management systems and provide a transparent marker to improve upon. This ESG credential can also be used to prove ESG commitments to third parties, ensuring our customers are correctly assessed against ESG.

Not just our objective

Achieving carbon negativity should not just be our objective, it should be the objective of all businesses across the globe. We recognize that this objective is not just something we believe in, it’s something our employees, suppliers and partners all believe in too. Carbon negativity is also something all businesses customers believe in and are starting to demand.

Some may say it’s a stretch objective and that carbon negativity across businesses is hard to achieve – however with strong alignment, a shared objective, collaboration and in some industries, regulation, it is an achievable goal by 2030.

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